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Our grooming products are carefully and intentionally crafted, using only the highest-quality naturally-derived Australian ingredients. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, to provide your companion with pH balanced, cruelty-free, pet-friendly products. We promise never to use harmful or untrusted additives in any of our grooming supplies. All our shampoos...

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Dog Bowls

Designed in Australia by Houndztooth, our pet bowls are a sleek and stylish accessory that are a beautiful addition to your home. The über luxe Houndztooth Marble Bowl is made using Carrara Marble.  Hand selected marble ensures each every bowl unique. Our chic 100% melamine and stainless steel pet bowls provide easy to...

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Hemp Health & Supplements

For humans to be healthy, our diets must include all of the essential nutrients we need in order to survive. A dog’s diet is no different. Your precious pooch needs nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins and minerals in just the same way we do. Our hemp health supplements...

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Leads & Collars

At Houndztooth, we take pride in creating luxurious comfort for the companions who occupy our hearts. Our leather collars and leads are carefully designed by Houndztooth and handcrafted by Australia's leading leather craftsman, Angus Barrett.  Angus travels the world regularly researching and sourcing the best leather available.  All our...

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