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Q. Do your shampoos or conditioners contain Palm oil or fillers?

No. Houndztooth is a strong advocate for sustainability and as such we do not use Palm oil in any of our products. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, only providing your furry family with 100% natural’y-derived, pH balanced, cruelty-free, pet-friendly products. All Houndztooth Products are free from:
• Palm Oil and Parabens
• SLS and EDTA
• Artificial Colours and
• Artificial Fragrances

Q. What are SLS and EDTA’s and why can they be harmful?

SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a chemical agent that’s used for cleaning. Essentially it helps to make soaps ‘froth’. It has been used as a shampoo ingredient
since the 1930’s as an alternative to soap. We do not use SLS as it can irritate your dog’s skin.

Tetrasodium EDTA or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a chelating agent, or to put it in
layman’s terms, it makes hard water become soft. We do not use EDTA as it can irritate your dog’s skin.

Q. What are Parabens?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives in a variety of products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food. Parabens can also sensitise the skin, causing allergic reactions.

Q. How often should I bathe my dog?

This depends on your dog’s coat type, skin and odour. Some breeds and dogs require more frequent bathing than others. We recommend washing your dog as often as required. All our shampoos are specifically formulated to be gentle enough to use as often as needed. To find out more about understanding your dog’s coat type and grooming read our article.https://houndztooth.com.au/understanding-your-dogs-coat-type/

Q. Does washing my dog often strip the natural oils from my dogs skin and coat?

Houndztooth is a global pet industry leader, specifically formulating all of our shampoos and conditioning & deodorising sprays with goat milk, Australian botanicals and essential oils. Goat milk is rich in triglycerides and essential fatty acids and provides
intensive hydration to your dogs skin and coat. Our grooming products also contain moisturising ingredients such as Australian almond oil and virgin coconut oil to ensure the natural oils from your dog’s coat are not stripped during washing.

Q. My dog gets really smelly, which shampoo and spray would you recommend?

Hugo’s Blend No.1 Shampoo and Conditioning & Deodorising Spray is recommended is formulated with peppermint and lemon myrtle essential oils for odour neutralising
and deep cleaning dirty coats. https://houndztooth.com.au/product/hugos-blend-no-1-value-duo-pack-shampoo-and-conditioning-deodoriser-spray/

Health & Supplements

Q. Will hemp get my dog high?

No, hemp will definitely not get your dog high. The naturally occurring chemical in hemp which causes people and animals to get high is called THC. Our hemp seed oil for dogs contains less than point 0.005% THC, which means even if they drank a bottle of our hemp seed oil they would not get high. To find our more listen to our Podcast

Q. What is the difference between Hemp and CBD?

Hemp seed oil and CBD are very different. They both come from the hemp plant however, the key difference is which part of the plant to use to make the two oils. Hemp seeds are used to make our hemp seed oil. On the other hand, CBD comes from the stalks, leaves and buds of the hemp plant.To learn more

Q. Is hemp legal in Australia?

Yes, in 2018, the national and state health ministers approved the trade of hemp products and food in Australia.

Q. Is CBD legal in Australia?

All hemp foods, including CBD supplements cannot contain more than the allowed concentration of THC. Any compound with even a slight THC content above 0.005% is
deemed an illicit substance and not cleared for use, distribution or manufacturer within Australia.

Q. Can I import hemp products into my country?

Each country has different laws pertaining to the import of hemp based products. If you are ordering our hemp products online, please check your country’s import laws.

Q. Do your products contain CBD or THC?

Yes they contain minimal amounts of THC, but only within the legally allowed limit of under 0.005% which will not get your dog high.


Q. Are your treats 100% natural?

Yes, all our treats are 100% natural and made with 100% Australian ingredients.

Q. Are the ingredients used in your treats Australian?

As part of our commitment to providing only the cleanest, safest and most sustainable nutrition, all of our ingredients are exclusively sourced from and made
in Australia.

Q. Are your treats easy to break down for training?

Yes. The treats are easily broken down into much smaller sizes.

Q. Are the treats sustainably sourced?

Yes. All our treats are sustainably sourced from 100% natural Australian ingredients.

Q. Are your treats grain free?

Yes. All Houndztooth treats are Grain Free.

Q. Do the Houndztooth treats contain Gluten?

No. All the Houndztooth treats are Gluten Free.


Q. Can I put the Melamine Bowls in the Dishwasher?

Yes. These bowls are dishwasher safe.

Q. Can I put the Melamine Bowls in the Microwave.

No. These bowls are not microwave safe.

Q. Can I use the melamine bowls for both food and water.

Yes. These bowls can be used for both food and water.

Q. My dog is a nosy eater are these bowls study?

Our Melamine bowls are made with non-slip rubber feet to stop your dog or cat pushing their dinner or water all around the house.

Q. Can I use the Marble bowls for both food and water?

Yes. Our timelessly beautiful bowls are finished with a water proofing sealant, perfect for food and water. And, not only do they look sleek, made from Carrara marble which
naturally helps keep your best friends water cool. https://houndztooth.com.au/the-secret-behind-our-luxe-marble-dog-bowls/

Q. Can I put the Marble Bowls in the Microwave?

No. We do not recommend putting these bowls in the Microwave.

Collars & Leads

Q. Where are the Leather Leads and Collars made?

Our leather collars and leads are carefully designed by Houndztooth and handcrafted by Australia’s leading leather craftsman, Angus Barrett in his workshop in Orange NSW.

Q. Where does the leather come from?

Our Leather craftsman Angus Barrett, regularly travels the world researching and sourcing the best leather available. Our collars and leads are Australian-made using the
highest quality English bridle and French leather.

Q. Is the leather sustainably sourced?


Q. What is the hardware on the collars and leads made from?

Designed for comfort, style and longevity, all our natural leather leads and collars have brass or stainless steel components.

Q. Does the leather need any special care?

A natural leather lead or collar is an investment for you and your best friend. Clean and nourish as required with leather conditioner. Avoid water. If wet, allow to dry and nourish with leather conditioner.

Q. The length of the lead seems quite short, can I walk a small dog easily?

Yes. Our leads have been designed with all dogs in mind and as such are suitable for all breeds and sizes. Our traffic and training lead is designed for safety and to give you
more control over your dog than standard or long leashes.

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