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Stella’s Blend No.2 Conditioning Spray & Deodoriser
Grooming Range

Love, luxe, and lustre
Lather up glamorous coats
To shine like Stella


Stella’s goat milk and oatmeal blend conditioning spray is specifically formulated to nourish your dog’s sensitive skin. The low-irritant formula starts at the source to create a healthy base for optimal coat shine. The enchanting scent and powerful ingredients work together in this Manuka honey, lavender, rosemary, and paperbark essential oil blend to provide long-lasting freshness. Stella’s blend harnesses the proven power of Australian almond oil. Silicone free.

Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia. e250ml / 8.8fl.oz

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Simple Ingredients. Simple Directions.

Shake well before use. Generously apply spray over your dog’s coat. Gently work into the coat with your fingertips, a comb, or brush. Be considerate of tangles and longer coats. To ensure lasting freshness, apply between washes.

For optimal results use following Stella’s Blend No. 2 Dog Shampoo.

Manuka honey, lavender, rosemary and paperbark blend.
Goat milk, oatmeal, Australian almond oil and essential oil blend of Manuka honey, lavender, rosemary and paperbark.

Contains Vegan

Palm Oil & Paraben Free

No Artificial Colours

No Harsh Ingredients
Avoid contact with eyes and internal ears.
External use only. Keep out of reach of children.
Seek medical advice if swallowed.
The Houndztooth Promise
Our grooming products are carefully and intentionally crafted, using only the highest-quality natural ingredients. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, to provide your companion with pH balanced, cruelty-free, pet-friendly products. We promise never to use harmful or untrusted additives in any of our grooming supplies. Click here for a complete list of our no-go ingredients.