The Ultimate Guide To Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

pet shampoo & conditioner, dog shampoo for itchy skin, natural dog shampoo, oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Our natural range of pet shampoo & conditioner has something for every dog

There are so many pet shampoo & conditioner products available on the market, that it can feel impossible to choose the right one for your pooch.

Are the products pet-friendly? Are the ingredients natural? Are they sustainable and good for the environment? Does the company you’re buying from really care about dogs?

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to answer those very questions (yes, yes, yes and YES to all of our Houndztooth products) and to educate you on our luxury range of natural, unique, Australian-made-with-love grooming pet shampoo and conditioners.

pet shampoo & conditioner, dog shampoo for itchy skin, natural dog shampoo, oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Quality pet shampoo & conditioner for different skin types

Does your pooch have dry, itchy or sensitive skin? It could be down to a range of different factors, from allergies and fleas to poor diet or cold weather.

Dog shampoo and dermal spray targeting dry & itchy skin

> Stella’s Blend NO.2 Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin <

A natural dog shampoo specifically formulated to relieve and reduce the symptoms of itchy skin.

With ingredients like goat milk, oatmeal and Manuka honey essential oil, it targets redness, dryness and irritation to leave skin feeling soft and supple.

> Hemp Shampoo For Sensitive Skin <

A unique combination of goat milk and hemp seed oil, our conditioning natural hemp shampoo targets red, inflamed and sensitive skin.

Specifically formulated for skin allergies and sensitivities, this powerful blend works gently to rejuvenate and condition your dog’s skin and coat.

> Coco’s Blend NO.4 Dog Rescue & Relief Spray <

A natural topical made with essential oils to assist with itchy, red and irritated skin. Formulated with a safe dilution ratio of tea tree essential oil, it’s also safe for your dog to lick.

pet shampoo & conditioner, dog shampoo for itchy skin, natural dog shampoo, oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Best dog shampoo for sensitive skin in Australia

> Hugo’s Blend NO.1 Dog Shampoo For Sensitive Skin <

A low irritant, natural dog shampoo that is perfect for puppies as well as older dogs.

If your pup has delicate, youthful or aging skin, this will cater to their sensitivity, moisturise their coat and leave them feeling shiny and fresh.

Natural dog shampoo & conditioner with unique ingredients

Whether your pup has a skin condition or simply wants to be pampered, you have the entire range of our luxury dog shampoo and conditioner to choose from.

Made with all-natural and unique ingredients, each product has its own nourishing and healing properties!

Oatmeal shampoo for dogs

> Charlie’s Blend NO.3 Dog Shampoo With Oatmeal <

Made with plant-based ingredients including oatmeal, goat milk and green tea. The oatmeal component helps to keep skin moisturised as it retains and suspends water over the skin.

Also beneficial for itchiness and irritation, oatmeal’s soothing properties help to heal raw and sensitive skin.

Manuka honey dog shampoo

> Stella’s Blend NO.2 Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin <

This soothing shampoo gets a second shout out for it’s Manuka honey essential oil component.

Manuka honey has a bunch of beneficial properties: anti-dandruff, anti-allergenic, antibacterial, antifungal – the list goes on! Manuka honey essential oil is also a powerful antidote to insect bites by drawing out bacteria while also healing inflamed skin.

pet shampoo & conditioner, dog shampoo for itchy skin, natural dog shampoo, oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Conditioning spray & deodorisers with goat milk

The following conditioners are all perfect for dogs with sensitive skin because of their key ingredient: goat milk!

> Stella’s Blend NO.2 Conditioning Spray & Deodoriser <

> Hugo’s Blend NO.1 Dog Coat Conditioning Spray & Deodoriser <

> Charlie’s Blend NO.3 Conditioning Spray & Deodoriser <

Rich in triglycerides and essential fatty acids, goat milk contains lactic acid which assists with removing dead skin and bringing new cells to the surface. This process helps to hydrate your dog’s skin, keeping it supple and healthy.

Waterless natural dog shampoo

> Frankie & Felix’s Blend NO.5 Waterless Shampoo <

This innovative shampoo stands out from the rest because it doesn’t require getting in the bath!

Great for spot cleans between washes and removing small dirt stains, this is also perfect for dogs (or humans!) who don’t love the whole ‘water’ aspect of bathing.

We care about our canines

Clearly, we care about them a lot. We did create an entire range of pet shampoo & conditioners just for them!

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