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All About Our Dog Bowls & Training Treats

dog bowls, clean dog treats, marble dog bowl

Stylish dog bowls meet natural, sustainably sourced training treats

Here at Houndztooth, we think that a dog’s dinner can be just as beautifully presented as our own.

So we created a unique range of stylish dog bowls for our precious pooches to enjoy their meals like the kings and queens they are!

And why stop there? We also developed a selection of training treats made with the highest quality Australian ingredients!

Our treats are as natural as they come, with no artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers – just as nature intended. And they’re grain-free and gluten-free, too!


Chic dog bowls for dinnertime

Let’s face it – dog bowls aren’t typically the most glamorous thing in the house. And that was one of the main things we knew we had to change when creating them!

Whether you go for a luxe Marble Dog Bowl or one of our Chic Dog Bowls, these sleek and stylish accessories will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Marble Dog Bowls

Our Marble Dog Bowls add an element of sophistication and style to your dog’s bowl.

Designed in Australia by Houndztooth and made using Italian White Carrara Marble, these luxury dog bowls are infused with natural grey veins, making each and every bowl unique.

Because marble is a sturdy, steadfast stone, our Marble Dog Bowls are unwavering in the face of even the sloppiest eaters. Keeping mealtimes cleaner and minimising mess, these bowls even help to keep water cool for your pup.

As the marble we use is a highly-recyclable and reusable material (that’s right – it’s both sustainable and durable!), it could even live a second or third life as a fruit bowl or plant pot!

Available in three different sizes, our Marble Dog Bowls cater to dogs big, small and everywhere in between.

And because we love cats just as much as we love dogs, the smallest marble bowl is also perfectly sized for our feline friends.

dog bowls, clean dog treats, marble dog bowl

Melamine Dog Bowls

Also designed in Australia by Houndztooth, our Melamine Dog Bowls are uniquely composed with a part matte, part gloss finish.

Easy to clean and easy to feed, our Melamine Dog Bowls are 100% melamine with a stainless steel insert and non-slip rubber feet. Bonus: they’re even dishwasher safe!

With a range of different colours and sizes, you’ll find a look that suits both your home and your hound.

dog bowls, clean dog treats, marble dog bowl

Where training treats and dogs meet

We believe in sourcing healthy, sustainable and high-quality food to dish up for our furry friends.

With so many pet food companies vying for your attention, we understand your difficulty searching for training treats to give your pup.

The good news is that we’ve removed the hassle from the whole process by providing tasty, healthy, no-nonsense treats with real, honest Australian ingredients.

And the best part? As part of our commitment to providing only the cleanest and most sustainable nutrition, all of our ingredients are exclusively sourced from and made in Australia.

100% Australian Chicken

Made with 100% chicken, this soft jerky is packed with protein to keep your dog’s bodybuilding and repairing muscles, growing hair and forming new skin cells.

Plus, our Houndztooth Ambassadors have voted, and they say that the chicken training treats are one of their favourites!

100% Australian Lamb

Delicious and succulent, these treats are made with 100% lamb.

Loaded with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – and packed with protein – these training treats will work to keep your dog in optimum health!


dog bowls, clean dog treats, marble dog bowl

100% Australian Ocean trout

Healthy, natural and mouth-wateringly delicious, our ocean trout training treats are made with 100% Australian ocean trout.

The perfect balance of proteins and fats, these tasty snacks are loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and omega oils to keep your pup healthy.

The ocean trout training treats are easy to break into smaller pieces; they are the perfect tool for training.


dog bowls, clean dog treats, marble dog bowl

100% Australian Training Treat Beef

The beef training treats provide proteins and nutrition to keep your dog and puppy healthy.

They are easy to break into smaller pieces and are the perfect training tool.

Dogs deserve to be pampered, too.

As self-professed dog lovers, we believe in treating our furry pals to a bit of luxury now and then. And what better way to spoil them than with a sleek new dish and delicious, clean dog treats?

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