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Dr. Katrina Warren

“I’m delighted to be working with an Australian company that celebrates our love for dogs and uses only top quality, cruelty free, naturally-derived products to keep our pets looking and feeling good”. Dr. Katrina

Dr. Katrina Warren is one of Australia’s most loved and trusted media veterinarians. An influential spokesperson, television & radio presenter, and dedicated animal lover, she understands the important role that animals play in our lives.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Katrina to our Houndztooth Ambassador team!

Having appeared prominently across tv, radio, print, and online media for over 20 years, Dr. Katrina has educated millions of people on pet care. She has presented as a veterinarian on many shows including Totally Wild, Harry’s Practice, Housecat Housecall, and the TODAY Show.

Dr. Katrina has authored four books, hosted many events such as The Dog Lovers Show and The Cat Lovers Show, and most recently created an online education program for dog owners.

Dr. Katrina currently shares her life with Chill – a very smart  border collie who keeps her fit and entertained.  As well as King Leo, a cat who thinks he is King of the World! Dr. Katrina’s beautiful rescue Golden Retriever, Riley recently crossed the rainbow bridge and will forever be remembered as “Smiley Riley”.

Just like the team at Houndztooth, Dr. Katrina is committed to treating animals with kindness.

Questions and Answers

What is your favourite Houndztooth dog grooming product and why?

I love the goat milk shampoos and conditioning and deodorising sprays. They are naturally-derived and blended with Australian botanicals and essential oils which are gentle on Riley's skin and coat. My favourite is Hugo's Blend No.1 as I adore lemon myrtle and peppermint, closely followed by Stella's Blend No.2 with Manuka honey. I also love Houndztooth's Frankie & Felix's No.5 Waterless Shampoo as I can use it for both Riley and King Leo.

What is your favourite Houndztooth health supplement and why?

I love their Hemp Seed Oil. It is sustainably sourced and 100% Australian, natural and cold pressed and helps promotes vitality and wellbeing.

What is your first memory of your love for animals?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love animals! As a little girl I was always excited when the family cat chose my bed to sleep.

What was your first pet?

I was lucky to grow up with lots of pets but the first pet that was my very own was a white rabbit called Bertie Bunny – he arrived for my 10th birthday and I was extremely excited.

Why did you study to become a vet?

I always loved animals and wanted to find a career that allowed me to wok with them on a daily basis. It was a dream come true when I start working as a vet television presenter as it gave me the opportunity to travel and work with animals at the same time.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

Watching the many ways that animals enhance our lives – animals are loved by people of all ages and walks of life.

What is the funniest animal you have met?

A cockatiel who could mimic hundreds of sounds and also repeat sentence. He asked me “ would you like a cup of tea ?” and then told me to “shut-up please” - It was very amusing.

What is the scariest animal you have met?

I’ve worked with a lot of ‘scary’ animals - snakes, spiders, tigers – you name it … but the scariest animal was probably an angry ferret – I think it wanted to kill me and it chased me all over a studio trying to bite me.

What pets do you own now?

I currently live with a very sweet senior dog called Riley – I adopted him in 2011 from Golden Retriever Rescue. I also have a Maine Coon cat called King Leo – King by name, King by nature. He definitely rules the house.

Do you bath your own pets?

Yes, I do! I do this in the shower as I have a hand held nozzle that makes bathing them so much easier. Leo ( my cat) doesn’t mind bath time as I have been doing that since he was a kitten. He is white and has long hair, so he does need a bath every few months to keep him looking and feeling good.

What is something you cannot live without everyday?

Apart from my pets greeting me at the door, I would have to say exercise. I go crazy if I cant do some form of exercise every day.

What silly name do you call your pets?

I call my golden retriever TRICKY – this is because he tricks everyone into thinking he hasn’t been fed and often scores an extra meal or two as a result. Leo gets called Leonardo DiCattio or Floofybutt.

What is the naughtiest things your pets have done?

My previous dog, Toby chewed an entire futon mattress and just left a huge mountain of fluff sitting on the floor.

Where do your pets sleep?

Not in my bed – personal preference. Riley sleeps on a bed in my room and Leo roams the house. I lock him out of my room though or else he lands on my head around 3 am.

What is the most embarrassing thing your pet or a dog has done to you?

Probably having a diarrhoea explosion out the front of a packed café!

What is the craziest thing your pets have ever eaten?

Hmmmm….. it doesn’t get much worse than eating my flatmate’s used condom. ( argh, yes your read that right!). This was my border collie when he was still a puppy… thankfully it came out the other end but yes, ewwwww.

What is your favourite Houndztooth pet accessory?

I love my beautiful marble dog bowl it’s simply stunning. If you had to ask mom, her favourite product would be the short lead, it keeps me in line and stops me from taking HER for a walk! * rolls eyes *

What is your favourite Houndztooth dog shampoo blend?

Stella's Blend No.2 and Frankie & Felix's Blend No.5.

What is your favourite thing about training puppies and dogs?

I find it very rewarding to train a puppy to help it become a social, happy adult that is a delight to own. The more time you spend training your puppy or dog, the closer your bond will be.

If your dog could talk to you, what do you think they would say?

More food please and keep that pesky cat off my bed.

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