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I’m proud to be part of the Houndztooth family. They represent a home-grown love for canine detectives all over the world. They understand that when we’re not rolling in mud or collecting evidence, we like to be pampered and treated like canine royalty.

Questions and Answers

What is the story behind your name?

There were two factors at play. First my human was crushing on the series Sherlock and secondly, she had grand plans for two detectives in the family and wanted to have a double-barrel name... it was either ‘Sherlock and Watson’ or ‘Champagne and Donuts’ (which tells you something about my human’s tastes and sense of humour)...meanwhile... Mr Waston joins us in September.

What is your breed and what type of coat do you have?

I’m a Yorkshire Terrier from the Jarob Yorkshire line. I’m blue / tan and my hair is almost identical to human hair, which makes me great for humans with allergies. On top of which, I’m non-shedding! Which also means I never leave evidence behind when I’m on the case! On a serious note though, it means I also have sensitive skin, which makes Houndztooth, with its botanicals and essential oils, just pawfect!

What is your REAL age in dog years?

I’m just legal (21)!

Why is Houndztooth your preferred natural pet store?

I’m all about quality and supporting home grown businesses, but as a detective with a serious job I also take my health seriously – I eat clean and only use products that are free from nasty chemicals. Houndztooth is leading the way for the ultimate detectiving lifestyle.

What is your favourite Houndztooth dog grooming product and why?

I spend a lot of time chasing down crooks and investigating donut heists, which occasionally requires rolling in mud and hauling through bushes. So when it comes time to wash off the crime and smell sweet for my Chief Inspector (aka, the human), I reach for Hugo’s Blend no.1

What is your favourite Houndztooth pet product and why?

Have you seen those marble Detective Bowls! Talk about fine dining!

Do you like being bathed, showered or going to the pet groomer?

I’m going to admit that I am not a fan of the weekly water-boarding, but I do love me a bit of “fuwa fuwa” (Japanese onomatopoeia for ‘fluffy’). As soon as my human gets out the hairdryer and says those magic words, I am a there! In fact, even when she is drying her own hair, I hang around in anticipation of a bit of that warm aired magic.

What is your most embarrassing SSB (secret single behaviour), you know the thing you like to do when no-one is ‘meant’ to be looking?

I have a few ‘interrogation’ techniques that my human has rated as not-PG... I’m sure other detectives will know what I mean ;)

What is your favourite thing to do with your owner?

The human has mastered the morning belly rub and has recced several high-quality detectiving walks... on weekends we clock up an easy 15-20kms exploring the world together.

What is your favourite Houndztooth treat?

It’s got to be that Clean Dog Treats 100% Australian Salmon... but honestly, you had me at ‘treats’.

If you could eat three foods the rest of your life, what would they be?

Donuts, salmon and snowpeas.

What silly name does your owner call you?

Cutie Patootie, Holmsie, Spunk Rat, Cheeky Monkey...

What is the naughtiest things you have done?

Off the record, I have been known to liberate socks and undies... On the record... Deny, Deny, Deny.

Where do you sleep?

Where all detectives should sleep... with their human pack ;) My pre-ferred position is snuggled up, under the doona, against my human’s belly. I like to move there at about 3am, which mostly involves me standing at my human’s head, waiting for her to wake up, lift the doona and let me slide under... sometimes it requires a little nose on her cheek...

What do you think about when lying around?

By “lying around” I can only assume you mean ‘memory palace’ time, which is impawtant for plotting your next crime.... errr I mean plotting your next crime solving adventure...

What is your favourite Houndztooth pet accessory?

Look I have to admit – it's those Marble Bowls! Anything that is the holder of food is a winner! Add a touch of glamour and this detective is all over it.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done to your owner?

You mean like leaving a peemail on her friend’s curtains? Nope, nothing comes to mind...

What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten?

Dried succulent leaf... I don’t recommend it as it usually involves a visit to the vet..

What is the biggest mess you have made?

Well, this got personal quickly...

What is your favourite cafe to puppacino at?

ONA in Manuka... they are super dog furiendly and know the impawtance of froth.

What is your favourite bottom sniffing, ball chasing park?

More of a nature reserve, but Red Hill in Canberra has become our go to – aside from encounters with other detectives’ butts, there are roos, wombats and wide open spaces to explore and door to door I get about 4kms of 10kms off-leash.

Who is a member of your Houndz BFF pack?

My wife Tinkerbell. We’ve been married a year now and she works as the chief meet and greet at a hair salon for humans, so she knows the impawtance of grooming.

What is your favourite Houndztooth dog shampoo blend?

Hugo’s Blend No.1

Did you graduate from puppy school?

We never did get around going to puppy school... everything my human knows, she learnt from me ;) . I think she did alright coz I she has 49 commands up her sleeve.

Have you ever peed out of excitement?

I plead the 5th... time...

Who do you think has the best floof you have ever seen?

Jennifer Anniston... and my wife Tinkerbell, who has floof and a pink tail.

Have you ever felt like you are a super model after being groomed with Houndztooth?

I have had more than my share of Marylin Munroe moments... does that count?

If you could have a doggy super power what would it be and what would you be called?

My ears are my super power... I can tune into police channels to get the scoop on donut heists and they double as back-up for NASA #satellitedishsociety #proudmember... as for a name... Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes...

If you are a donut loving doggo and you could be a doughnut flavour what would you be and why?

Donut is my middle name...ok, not really, but it should be... And I am waiting for them to release a range of sushi flavoured donuts... although maybe skip the wasabi...

If you had the attention of the doggy world for just 10 seconds, what would you say?

If I could use this platform to speak to our humans... Remember Exercise, Discipline, Affection. In that order. We need to walk and run until we are tired, at least twice daily. Then we need to learn skills and tricks and commands, so that we have boundaries because knowing our place in the pack helps us feel safe. And finally, we need you to rub our bellies and love us even when we grow old and bark at the dark. In return we will love you for life and do what ever we can to pawlease you. It’s our canine detective’s creed.

If you could only keep one toy which one would you keep?

My Friesian Sheep which was a gift from The Pancho Brothers in Germany.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Cheeky, Curious, Loving

How many pats do you need a day?

Is there a limit?

If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?

My human worked from home, I lived in the same state as my wife (long distance relationships are hard), all the detectives in shelters found their forever homes.

Do you have any ‘human’ habits?

I have been known to eat from chopsticks... with the help of my opposable thumbed human. And I never leave home without a bowtie.

If you could talk to your owners, what would you say?

“Treats? Why, yes, treats would be most welcome.”

How long did you ~really~ take to be toilet trained?

First of all, we should start with the fact that my human is a Virgo and therefore had a daily schedule written out before I even came to live with her. Aside from a few mistakes, I had learnt the whole bizzo about where to wizzo and poop within a month. The best part was that my human never scolded me when I was learning the ropes.

If you were a Hollywood celebrity, who would you be?

Benedict Cumberbatch.

If you could have any career in the world, what would you choose?

I think I have the best career already – world class detective, solving donut heists and cases of exploding toys every day. No case too small or large.

Ball or chew toy?

Interrogation toy.

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