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As a curvy model and body confidence advocate, looking good is incredibly important to me. I am super proud to be working with Houndztooth as it embodies the luxury I deserve. We Hounds deserve the very best!

Questions and Answers

What is the story behind your name?

Human had the name Dave before she even had me! She seems to think everyone has a good mate called Dave – she just didn’t anticipate that I wouldn’t care for her that much

What is your breed and what type of coat do you have?

I am a Beagle with a short hair coat – that sheds way more than human ever anticipated

What is your REAL age in dog years?

4 years, 8 months

Why is Houndztooth your preferred natural pet store?

Because the ingredients are beautiful and make me smell divine. They are also gentle and make me smell like a supermodel. They also look lovely in the bathroom!

What is your favourite Houndztooth dog grooming product and why?

Hugos Blend conditioning spray and deodorizer because its less traumatic than having a shower and it makes my coat super lux, soft and glossy!

What is your favourite Houndztooth pet product and why?

As above paws down!

Do you like being bathed, showered or going to the pet groomer?

I’m not a fan of any of the above – but as long as I get rewarded with chicken I will endure the torture. However when I end up smelling of lemon myrtle and peppermint it feels worth it

What is your most embarrassing SSB (secret single behaviour), you know the thing you like to do when no-one is ‘meant’ to be looking?

Well the human has set up a spy cam to try and catch me doing things but I know where to sneak off to not get spotted. My favourite thing to do is steal a pair of the humans undies and sleep on them – yes I am a bit odd

What is your favourite thing to do with your owner?

I like to judge her

What is your favourite Houndztooth treat?

It has to be the chicken – no question!

If you could eat three foods the rest of your life, what would they be?

Chicken nuggets, chicken burgers and chicken tenderloins

What silly name does your owner call you?


What is the naughtiest things you have done?

Where to start – probably the bin raiding – I still do this whenever I get chance

Where do you sleep?

I have multiple beds inside and out but my favourite it is the Queen bed which used to be the humans

What do you think about when lying around?

Chicken and girls

What is your favourite Houndztooth pet accessory?

I love the food bowls – so luxe for chow time

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done to your owner?

I like to refuse to move sometimes when we are mid walk – she sometimes tries to pick me up and I just roll on my back and thrash my paws like a toddler – she has no hope

What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten?

I went to work with the human the other day and managed to devour half a packet of scotch fingers – delicious

What is the biggest mess you have made?

As a puppy I had a fascination with yukka plants, human used to have one on the tv stand until I tried to relocate it

What is your favourite cafe to puppacino at?

I like to take human to café Claremont in Malvern as they do a mean savoury muffin which I always get half of.

What is your favourite bottom sniffing, ball chasing park?

I hang out at Caulfield Park with the 3161 crew

Who is a member of your Houndz BFF pack?

What is your favourite Houndztooth dog shampoo blend?

Hugos – it was the first one we ever tried and have loved ever since

Did you graduate from puppy school?

Only after paying the teacher off

Have you ever peed out of excitement?

I don’t get excited about much, but this one time when I met Peter Hitchener I got a little over excited.

Who do you think has the best floof you have ever seen?

Can I say me – im so glossy it hurts

Have you ever felt like you are a super model after being groomed with Houndztooth?

Always – I even charged the human $10 to get out of bed

If you could have a doggy super power what would it be and what would you be called?

I’ll let you into a secret I already have the super power of scent, however I have always loved Hugh Jackman and kind of see myself as a bit of a Wolverine. I would be called Wolverdave

If you are a donut loving doggo and you could be a doughnut flavour what would you be and why?

Chicken (do you see a pattern here)

If you had the attention of the doggy world for just 10 seconds, what would you say?

Bow down Bitches

If you could only keep one toy which one would you keep?

It would have to be my Kong wobbler as it contains food a lot of the time

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Humble, chunky and hungry

How many pats do you need a day?

Minimal unless you are wearing silk gloves

If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?

A lifetime supply of chicken, a new human and to meet Kanye

Do you have any ‘human’ habits?

I like to order Uber Eats while the human is at work

If you could talk to your owners, what would you say?

Sort your life out

How long did you ~really~ take to be toilet trained?

I was genuinely super quick at picking this up – probably a few weeks, however just to keep human on her toes I left a few unnecessary surprises for a while longer

If you were a Hollywood celebrity, who would you be?

Easy – Kanye

If you could have any career in the world, what would you choose?

Nandos taster

Ball or chew toy?

Chew toy for sure – I don’t fetch for anyone

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