Why Does My Dog Itch, Bite Its Paws or Lick Its Skin?
Smiling Border Collie

Don’t worry if your dog is itching a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has fleas. Still, check for fleas and make sure you regularly use a free treatment as a preventative, but generally if you do both of these things it’s pretty easy to rule out fleas as the cause of itching. It can be a little harder to figure out other reasons behind the scratching but quite often it can be because of allergies or dry and sensitive skin.



There are two types of common allergies for dogs – environmental and nutritional. If your dog is allergic to something it touches or eats, it can make pooch’s skin dry, tough, greasy, inflamed and sore which often leads to incessant itching, licking or chewing. Don’t forget that your dog can’t itch its paws so if it is constantly biting or licking them, there’s a good chance that they are very uncomfortable. Once you’ve visited the vet to confirm it is an allergy and received any necessary medications, you need to provide some much-needed relief to your best friend and its itchy skin.


The Right Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin Can Help!

Wash your dog thoroughly from head to tail with a soothing, gentle shampoo that you can rub right into the skin. We recommend Stella’s Blend No 2 or Charlie’s Blend No 3 for its gentle goat milk formula, anti-inflammatory properties and soothing oatmeal that will help with irritations. And don’t worry, if you or your dog is coeliac we have Hugo’s blend No 1 which is oatmeal-free. Follow this up with the holy grail of skin soothing treatments, our Coco’s Blend No 4 Rescue & Relief Spray which has been specially designed for dogs with inflamed skin. But please be careful not to spray on any wounds or raw skin.


Dry Skin

Just like humans, a dog’s skin can dry out, especially in winter when the humidity is lower and there’s less moisture in the air. It’s pretty easy to recognise when your dog has dry skin, just keep a lookout for tough skin, dandruff, flakes or in more extreme cases, cracks on your dog’s skin. Dry skin may be caused by an allergy (see above) or it may just be because your dog’s skin just isn’t getting enough moisture. Using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that contains goat milk is an excellent way to get that moisture back into your dog’s skin straight away.


Houndztooth – Pet Shampoo & Conditioner Your Dog Will Benefit From 

All Houndztooth products contain not only goat milk which is arguably the best skin moisturiser out there, but Stella’s Blend No 2 and Charlie’s Blend No 3 also contain oatmeal which has been used for hundreds of years to sooth itchy and irritated skin.