4 Steps To Remove Fur Balls and Matted Fur From Your Dog

fur balls

Any owner with a long-haired dog is in two constant wars with:

  1. the shedding (unless you have a ‘poodle’);
  2. and the furballs and matted fur.

The best advice we can offer you to get one-up on the shedding is to regularly brush and wash your dog with high-quality, natural dog shampoo, removing the hair before it falls out in your house. We can help you kick the knots to the curb.

Pet Shampoo & Conditioner Are Key

First up, prevention is the best cure. Use a Houndztooth Conditioning & Deodorising Spray every time you groom, or as required. Our sprays are silicone-free, so you aren’t going to get a product build up on your dog’s coat. We recommend using the spray about once a week to stop the knots from forming in the first place. This, combined with regular brushing, is all it takes to rid yourself of the agony of fur balls. Removing those knots requires a bit more elbow grease (remember, prevention is the best cure), but you won’t need to shave your best friend every time they develop a garden of knots in their coats.

4 Steps to Untangle Matted Dog Hair using Houndztooth Natural Dog Shampoo

  1. Do not wash your dog first! Instead, liberally apply one of the Houndztooth Conditioning & Deodorising Sprays to the problem area of your dog’s dry coat, and rub it in thoroughly until the whole knot is wet.
  2. Using your fingers, pull at the knot from both ends, easing it apart bit by bit until the knot has become untangled. Depending on the size of the furball, this could take some time – but make sure you persevere!
  3. Once the knot is untangled as much as possible, brush the area, focusing on a few hairs at a time rather than the whole clump. Continue to use the Houndztooth Conditioning & Deodorising Spray as required.
  4. Once you’ve removed all the matted fur, thoroughly shampoo your dog using Hugo’s Blend No 1, Stella’s Blend No 2 or Charlie’s Blend No 3. Finish up with another round of the Houndztooth Conditioning & Deodorising Spray.

Voila, you have one silky, smooth, long-haired dog! Now the trick will just be to keep them away from that muddy puddle at the park…


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