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Product Review: Coat, Skin & Nails

Our new Coat, Skin & Nails natural health supplement contains a unique blend of nutritionally balanced ingredients. Together, they help to improve the strength and condition of your dog’s nails, skin and coat.

Pairs perfectly with our natural dog shampoo

As a dog owner, it’s important for you to prioritise your pup’s skin and coat health. For best results, use our Coat, Skin & Nails supplement in combination with our Hemp Seed Oil and naturally-derived pet shampoo and conditioner range.

Sometimes dogs don’t have enough nutritional support to maintain healthy skin and coats. Things like skin problems, diseases, fleas and hot spots can also cause dogs to lose their hair. Use of some medications and a general lack of key skin nutrients could mean that your four-legged friend may need a nutritional boost to keep their coat, skin and nails healthy. Our Coat, Skin & Nails supplement can help to promote your pup’s hair growth and shine.

Signs your dog needs Coat, Skin & Nails:

  • Dull and brittle coat
  • Increased de-shedding
  • Weak and splitting nails
  • Dry and/or cracking paws
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Loss of coat and balding

Breaking down the ingredients list

Our Coat, Skin & Nails health supplement is professionally formulated with natural ingredients to help support growth and to nourish and strengthen your dog’s coat, skin and nails.

Australian omega oils

Sourced from flaxseeds and salmon oil, Australian omega oils help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. With a healthy balance of omegas 3, 6 and 9, your pup can better regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, boost their immune response and increase cell growth.


For a shiny, healthy coat, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a must. An omega-3 fatty acid, it is essential in the development of the brain and nervous system. DHA also rejuvenates dull coats and brings back the natural, optimal shine your dog deserves.

Marine collagen

Marine collagen is one of the purest and potent forms of collagen. Collagen is a very important protein that is found in connective tissue throughout all animals bones, joints and skin. The thickest layer of your dog’s skin – the dermis – is mostly made up of collagen, and your dog uses it to keep their nails strong and their skin supple and moisturised.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human and animal body, making up around 30% of all the body’s proteins. We include marine collagen in our supplement to promote steady production in the body and provide a strong foundation for healthy skin, coat growth and nail health.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle benefits your pup’s liver and helps with the detoxification process. By aiding the liver, it helps to keep your dog’s pores unclogged for healthy and vibrant skin.

New Zealand green lip mussel

A key ingredient in our Hemp Mobility Aid, New Zealand green lip mussel has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to support your pup’s joints and manage inflammation.


Biotin is a B vitamin that helps to maintain healthy skin and coats, normal growth and healthy digestion. It can help improve your pup’s dull coat, brittle hair, scaly skin and hair loss. Biotin is also vital for coat growth and nail strength.


Silica has the power to push foreign materials like a thorn or splinter out of your dog’s body. It helps to treat skin infections, strengthen your four-legged friend’s nails and improve their coat health.


If your dog is lacking zinc, you’ll see it in the deteriorating quality of their skin and coat. This mineral plays a key role in strengthening your dog’s skin and improving their coat health.


Along with zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and linoleic acid, selenium is crucial for supporting the immune system. It ensures proper functioning of both the immune system and the thyroid gland.


Magnesium and your dog’s health go hand-in-hand. It plays a part in every facet of your dog’s health and wellbeing, from heart, liver and digestive function to muscle health and moods. Magnesium is also required for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Benefits of included vitamins and minerals

Each vitamin and mineral included in our Coat, Skin & Nails supplement is there because of the nutritional value it contains. They work harmoniously together to boost your precious pooch’s skin, nail and coat health.

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that alleviates the symptoms of allergies and skin conditions.
  • Vitamin E supports healthy skin and coats and improves the rate of absorption and activity of fatty acids.
  • Vitamin A and B vitamins support healthy skin and coats.
  • Vitamin D3 builds a strong skeleton and improves skin, coat and nail health. Adequate D levels may also help to prevent heart disease and joint inflammation.
  • Iron improves hair condition and prevents hair loss.
  • Copper promotes bone growth and maintenance, conversion of iron into hemoglobin and immune function. It also provides the pigments required to form your pup’s hair colour.
  • Cobalt is involved in the production of red blood cells and aids iron absorption.
  • Iodine helps to produce thyroid hormones which regulate the metabolism.
  • Manganese is necessary for the utilisation of vitamin C, biotin, vitamin B1 and vitamin E. Your dog needs it for normal reproduction, bone and cartilage growth, collagen formation, fat metabolism and production of fatty acids.

Rejuvenate your dog’s Coat, Skin & Nails

Packed with natural vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and more, our Coat, Skin & Nails health supplement will make your dog look and feel better inside and out. Professionally formulated and recommend for everyday use to achieve optimal coat shine, growth and nail strength.

Boost your pup’s nail, skin and coat health today

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