Product Review: Hemp Mobility Aid

hemp min Product Review: Hemp Mobility Aid

Help keep your dog’s joints young with our new Hemp Mobility Aid. Targeting joints, inflammation and arthritis, our unique and natural blend of premium quality ingredients help to manage your dog’s joint inflammation and improve their mobility.

As dogs get older, they can experience inflamed and sore joints just like people do. Whether it’s due to a breed-specific condition, disease, a poor diet or old age, you can help improve your dog’s mobility with our professionally formulated natural health supplement.

Making our Hemp Mobility Aid

Along with Australian hemp oil for dogs, our Hemp Mobility Aid contains 6 other key ingredients to help improve your pup’s mobility and reduce their joint inflammation.

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New Zealand green lip mussel

Green lipped mussels from our neighbours across the Tasman may seem like a curious addition to the ingredients list, but this joint-loving seafood has definitely earned its place in our Hemp Mobility Aid.

In both people and dogs, arthritis and joint pain is often treated using NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). These drugs can have harmful side effects on your precious pooch, including ulcers, kidney and liver damage, and even damage to their joints. Green lipped mussels are the perfect natural alternative to NSAIDs because they provide joint support in a similar way – but without the harmful side effects.


Collagen is widely renowned for its youth-giving properties. Its powers aren’t just limited to people, either – dogs can benefit from it, too. Bovine collagen helps to regenerate your pup’s joints and ease the aches and pains that come with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. This powerful protein helps to rebuild damaged tissue and promote both lubrication and reduced inflammation of the joints.

Australian hemp oil for dogs

Having seen how our Hemp Anxiety Aid has helped ease the anxieties of dogs across Australia, we knew that the powers of Australian hemp oil for dogs wouldn’t stop there. With a hemp seed oil and hemp seed powder base, our new Hemp Mobility Aid harnesses the powerful properties of hemp once more to actively help manage and improve your pup’s joint inflammation and mobility.

Rich in fatty acids, it’s the omegas 6 and 9 that specifically target inflammation and arthritis in your four-legged friend’s body. Together, they work gently to help reduce inflammatory levels and relieve the pain associated with it.


Turmeric has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat inflammation and other afflictions. The curcumin compound it contains has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to ease your pup’s inflammation and make them feel more comfortable in their own skin.


Spirulina is a type of algae that grows in both fresh and salt water environments. A powerful organism, it is rich in essential fatty acids – like omega 6’s GLA (gamma linolenic acid) – that are packed with natural anti-inflammatory properties. With the added ability to boost your dog’s immune system, spirulina plays a key role in preventing illness, reducing inflammatory levels and easing joint pain in the body.

Vitamin C

We all know to up our daily vitamin C dosage when we’ve caught a cold, but did you know that taking it regularly can also help to reduce inflammation? Vitamin C helps eliminate free radicals from your dog’s body and remove the potential triggers for inflammation. This helps to lower the risk of your precious pooch suffering from joint pain and arthritis.


Your dog needs magnesium to manage their moods and perform most of their bodily functions. If they don’t have enough of the mineral, it can lead to serious health problems including muscle pain and an increased risk of inflammation. If your pooch already has an inflammatory condition, having a lack of magnesium in their system won’t help their health.

We’ve added magnesium to our Hemp Mobility Aid because it is a key player in your dog’s overall health. With the right levels present in your pup’s body, it also has anti-inflammatory effects. As an added bonus, magnesium helps to support your pup’s emotional health and wellbeing. Happy mood, happy joints, happy dog!

Recommended daily dose

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Our Hemp Mobility Aid is boosted with powerful natural ingredients

Each of these powerful ingredients – including natural salmon flavour, which your dog will love! – come together in our Hemp Mobility Aid to manage your dog’s joint pain and improve their mobility. With so many beneficial components working together to reduce your pup’s inflammation, your furry friend may just be reliving their youth in no time.

Ease your dog’s joint pain with our Hemp Mobility Aid

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