Katrina Warren // If you had the attention of the doggy world

I am in joined in this episode by my favourite celebrity media vet and Houndztooth Brand Ambassador, Dr. Katrina Warren. I was lucky enough to first meet Dr. Katrina in the early 2000s and was so excited when she agreed to become an ambassador for Houndztooth. Dr Katrina is one of Australia’s most loved and trusted media veterinarians. Having appeared prominently across tv, radio, print and online media for over 20 years, Dr Katrina has educated millions of people on pet care. Today I talk to Dr. Katrina about her favourite Houndztooth products, her relationship with The Wonderdogs, managing our life with our pets during and post COVID-19 and the impact on the pet industry. I also have a fun Q & A at the end of the episode where we ask Dr. Katrina, ‘If you had the attention of the doggy world for just 10 seconds, what would you say?”


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