Is Human Shampoo Safe For Dogs?

Is Human Shampoo Safe For Dogs?

Picture this: You’ve filled up the bath with warm water, wrangled your dog into the tub and prepared the towels – and surrounding area – for the aftermath. But just as you reach for the pet shampoo & conditioner, you realise that you’ve already used up the last of it.

While it might be tempting to forgo the missing dog shampoo in favour of the human shampoo that’s already on hand, we recommend ignoring the urge. Human shampoo isn’t good for dogs, and here’s why.

The difference between human skin and dog skin

When it comes to human skin and dog skin, the difference lies in their chemical composition. Animals and humans measure differently on the pH scale, which ranks the acidity or alkalinity of anything, including your skin and other parts of the body.

Anything that sits below 6.4 on the pH scale is considered to be acidic, whereas everything above 6.4 is alkaline.

Dogs range between 5.5 to 7.5 on the pH scale, which means that their skin is more alkaline. Humans, on the other hand, have more acidic skin than our canine friends, with a range that sits between 5.2 to 6.2.

Dog shampoo is formulated specifically for the pH balance of a dog’s skin, whereas human shampoo is made specifically for the pH balance of human skin.

By using human shampoo on your dog, it could upset the pH balance of their skin and lead to dryness, itchiness and sores caused from excessive scratching.

Human shampoo is made for human skin

Artificial colours and fragrances

Human shampoo is often loaded with artificial colours, fragrances and other substances that aren’t even good for humans – imagine how your poor pup’s sensitive skin would fare!

When it comes to washing your four-legged friend, soothe their skin with one of our natural dog shampoos instead.

Is Human Shampoo Safe For Dogs?

Tailored to human hair, not dog fur

Human shampoo is tailored for human hair. It’s packed with ingredients to nourish and breathe life into our own luscious locks, but not into our dog’s.

Our naturally-derived oatmeal shampoo for dogs is specifically formulated to improve the condition of their prone-to-shedding coats.

Our range of natural dog shampoo has something for every pup

Whether your dog has normal, dry, sensitive or itchy skin, our Australian-made range of natural pet shampoo & conditioner has something to suit every pooch.

All of our grooming products are goat milk-based, suitable for sensitive skin, and cater to every dog breed and coat type.

Dog shampoo for itchy skin

Cleansing and odour neutralising blends

For inflamed and irritated skin

Everyday oatmeal shampoo for dogs with normal to dry skin

For our youngest furry friends

Pamper your pup with a natural dog shampoo

Is Human Shampoo Safe For Dogs?

When it comes to bathing your pup, always use a gentle and low-irritant natural dog shampoo that caters to your canine’s sensitive skin while adding lustre and shine to their coat. Whatever your dog’s skin and coat type, our high quality grooming range has them covered.

Be prepared for bath time with our natural dog shampoo

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