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Clean Dog Treats 100% Australian Salmon
Dog Treats

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Our delicious and succulent Soft Salmon Jerky Treats contain the perfect balance of proteins and healthy fats. They’re loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and omega oils to help keep your dog in optimum health. Made from real Australian salmon, these single protein, all natural treats are soft and easily broken down into smaller pieces, perfect for training.

Thoughtfully developed in Australia for healthy, all-natural feeding and mouth-watering taste. As part of our commitment to providing only the cleanest and most sustainable nutrition, all of our ingredients are exclusively sourced from and made in Australia.

150GM Packet

Houndztooth Dog Treats

When choosing what to feed your pet, only the best will do. That’s why at Houndztooth, we use only the highest quality ingredients, carefully sourced from sustainable, Australian-based suppliers. Our treats are as natural as they come. You’ll find no artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers and each variety is guaranteed to be grain-free and gluten-free, just as nature intended. Choose from our assortment of single protein, real meat treats made from chicken, kangaroo, salmon and beef.