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Our Meal Toppers for Dogs

Why should I use a meal topper for my dog?

Just like humans, dogs need a nutrient-rich diet to help them live a long and healthy life. While there are plenty of high-quality dog foods on the market, sometimes your pup could use a little extra boost. That’s where dog food toppers come in! Not only are Houndztooth Meal Toppers a nutrient-rich healthy booster to complement your dog’s daily diet, they’re also tail-waggingly delicious – an incentive to eat their regular meal and beat mealtime boredom. Simply sprinkle the topper on their food or mix through. It’s the ultimate solution for fussy eaters.

Houndztooth Australia best meal topper for dogs, entice fussy eaters, raw boost all natural
Houndztooth Australia best raw boost meal topper for dogs. Entice fussy eaters!

Houndztooth Meal Toppers are freeze dried raw and packed full with premium, whole-food ingredients. They are all-natural, grain-free, and are proudly Australian-made and sourced. The best thing is that dogs absolutely LOVE them – they’re so tasty because of the combination of raw protein, fruit and vegetables and a delicious variety of flavours. And, they provide functional health benefits to suit your dog’s needs.

Which is the best meal topper for dogs?

Houndztooth Meal Toppers for dogs are the preferred choice for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits they offer your furry friends:

  • They enrich your dog’s meal with additional and targeted nutrients
  • They are irresistible to dogs and add the ‘fun’ back into mealtimes
  • It’s a convenient way to add a natural raw boost to your dog’s diet without actually having to change their diet
  • They are freeze dried raw, a process that gently removes the moisture whilst locking in the nutrients and flavour, far more than any other drying process is capable of doing
  • A tasty dog food booster which can be fed in combination with our health supplements
  • Enticing for fussy eaters

How to use a dog meal topper

  • They can be added to kibble, wet, raw food, or to a homemade diet.
  • Because it comes in a dry, loose format, it’s easy to mix, stir through, or simply sprinkle on top.
  • Add to your dog’s meal once or twice a day, according to the feeding guide on the pack. With up to 60 serves per pack, a good food topper will last a long time – it doesn’t add up to much per day, yet adds so much value to your pup
Houndztooth Australia best dog meal topper raw boost tasty freeze dried dog food calming health
Raw boost meal topper for dogs

Houndztooth Meal Topper varieties and functionalities

Our range of meal toppers help promote your dog’s optimal health and wellbeing. They can help support anxiety, digestive isses, joint pain, inflammation, puppy growth, skin issues, and healthy coats in dogs, using only the best Australian ingredients:

  • Puppy Health
    For health-conscious puppy parents who want to support your pup’s optimal growth and wellbeing. As with all of our top-quality meal toppers, it’s free from grains, fillers and preservatives, and includes tasty and functional ingredients like chicken, super-berries, sweet potato, goat milk powder, probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Skin & Coat Health
    Help keep your dog’s skin and coat in optimal condition. The locally-sourced ingredients include salmon, omega 3 & 6 DHA Gold, collagen, flaxseed, pumpkin, spinach and cranberries – simply irresistible!
  • Digestive Health
    This helps support sensitive stomachs and overall gut health. Amongst other natural ingredients, it includes chicken, pumpkin, goat milk powder, probiotics, prebiotics, turmeric, ginger and apple, for a nutritional boost jam-packed with taste.
  • Joint & Mobility Health
    Support your dog’s mobility and joints, no matter their age (starting at a younger age is best) with this powerful blend of ingredients such as salmon, beef heart, NZ Green Lipped Mussel, sweet potato, spinach, collagen, spirulina, Manganese Gluconate, turmeric and Vitamin C.
  • Calming Health
    Support during times of stress and anxiety. The carefully selected ingredients include chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli, apple, L-tryptophan, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin, magnesium and ginger  providing proven essential nutrients and flavour.

We believe that a healthy dog is a happy dog – and a good dog food topper is an easy step towards supporting your loved one’s optimal health and wellbeing.

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