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Dr. Katrina’s 5 Favourite Products for Welcoming New Puppies

Dr. Katrina’s 5 Favourite Products for Welcoming New Puppies

Welcoming a new puppy is such an exciting time and it’s hard to resist treating them to an array of toys to enrich their playtime and manage their seemingly boundless energy. 

Beyond playtime, there are some highly beneficial products that help make raising a happy and healthy puppy even easier.

Below we share Dr. Katrina’s ‘picks of the litter’ – her 5 favourite recommendations for highly quality, safe puppy products.

Dr. Katrina’s Top 5 Houndztooth Puppy Products:

  1. Puppy & Kitten Shampoo

It’s no secret puppies find it hard to resist life’s messier activities, especially those outdoors walks in the rain, mud puddles and rolls on the grass. They have endless energy and love to explore, which means they often end up in dirty, smelly things and needing a bath. 

Just like products that are pH balanced for use on our own skin, puppies need their own puppy specific, gentle, low-irritant shampoo. It’s important not to use human shampoos as they can strip the oils from your pet’s coat.

The gentle Houndztooth Puppy & Kitten Shampoo is Australian made with naturally derived, vitamin-enriched ingredients. These include low-irritant goat milk, aloe vera and almond oil to provide a soothing experience with every lather. 

Australian botanical oils of lavender, cedarwood, and green tea provide a subtle aroma suitable for all puppies and kittens.

Did you know: goat’s milk is rich in essential fatty acids and contains lactic acid which helps resurface and hydrate skin? 

To find out more about our Puppy & Kitten Shampoo, click here!

Puppy & Kitten Shampoo

Our Australian made gentle and low-irritant goat milk shampoo is carefully formulated to nourish and clean your puppy or kitten’s skin and coat.  This vitamin-enriched blend harnesses the proven power of Australian aloe vera and almond oil to provide a soothing experience with every lather.  Australian botanical oils of lavender, cedarwood, and green tea provide a subtle aroma suitable for all puppies and kittens.  

2. Treats

Training your puppy should be fun and can begin the moment you bring them home.


When teaching your puppy something new:

  • Use treats that they love 
  • Make sure the treats are something that is not part of their everyday diet 
  • Use treats that smell enticing
  • Ensure they are soft and safe for your puppy to eat
  • Choose natural and Australian made treats.

Houndztooth 100% Clean Natural Dog Treats are single protein and do not contain any additives or preservatives.

They make a delicious, healthy snack, and are also ideal to use as incentives in puppy training as they are easy to break into smaller pieces, plus puppies LOVE them!

They are available in 3 puppy approved flavours: Australian salmon, chicken or kangaroo. We always recommend breaking treats into small pieces suitable for your size puppy to swallow and always supervise your puppy when feeding treats. In addition to being all natural and 100% Australian sourced and made, they are also grain and gluten free and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals to keep your puppy’s health and wellbeing as a top priority.

To find out more about our 100% Clean Natural Dog Treats, click here!

  1. Puppy Probiotic

Like humans, our pets need a balanced microbial ecosystem for optimal health and immunity. 

Probiotics may be helpful when puppies have had gastrointestinal upsets, or have been stressed by events (such as settling into their new home or changes in their diet). 

The Houndztooth probiotic is a natural blend of advanced probiotics and prebiotics, professionally formulated to help support your pup’s developing gut bacteria. 

Packed full of antioxidants, it helps promote beneficial gut bacteria – and is flavoured with natural salmon for a taste pup will love!

Always talk with your vet before starting your puppy on a probiotic or if your puppy has been experiencing diarrhoea.

We hope these tips help you make the best (and informed) purchases for your pup, and make life a little easier too!

To find out more about our Puppy Probiotic, click

It’s no secret puppies can be very messy eaters, which means finding a good quality bowl that won’t tip over to help minimise mess is important.

Puppy Probiotic


Our unique and natural blend of advanced probiotics and prebiotics is professionally formulated for growing puppies.  Australian goat milk, slippery elm, ginger and antioxidants help promote beneficial gut bacteria, support their immune system and growth.  Flavoured with natural salmon meal that your puppy will enjoy. Puppy Probiotic is recommended daily to ensure your puppy has the best start in life.


The Houndztooth melamine bowls are crafted from a safe plastic that has non-slip rubber feet to prevent your puppy from pushing their bowl around. 

The removable stainless steel insert (also dishwasher safe) makes washing up even easier, and they look stylish too!

To find out more about our Melamine Bowls, click here!

Houndz Dog Bowl – Chic Black

Our Chic Houndz dog bowls are designed in Australia using a unique technique for a part matte, part gloss finish. This black monochromatic Houndztooth print is a stylish addition to your interiors. Choose from small, medium or large sizing. 100% melamine with an easy-clean stainless steel insert, non-slip rubber feet, and modern handle design for a sturdy serving experience.  

Your puppy needs access to fresh, cool water at all times and these gorgeous Houndztooth black or white carrara bowls are waterproof, and made from 100% natural marble stone which helps keep their drinking water cool. The weight prevents pets from knocking them over or playing with their bowl. 


The best part? These sturdy bowls look stunning and are sure to add a little luxury to both your home, and your puppy’s dining experience. With proper care, they will last a lifetime!

Remember, treats should always be given in moderation to avoid upset tummies.

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