Product Review: Puppy Probiotic

Product Review: Puppy Probiotic

Gut health is intrinsically linked to the overall health of the body, in both dogs and people alike. With a diverse range of probiotics in your puppy’s gut, their digestive system and their body will benefit. Professionally formulated for growing puppies, our Puppy Probiotic helps to promote beneficial gut bacteria and support your young puppy’s immune system and growth.


The ingredients powering our Puppy Probiotic

Powering your puppy’s digestive system is about giving them nutrients that are rich in probiotics (the healthy bacteria in the gut) and prebiotics (the food that probiotics eat). Our Puppy Probiotic is full of them, as well as some additional beneficial ingredients.

Australian goat milk

Featured in our goat milk-based pet shampoo & conditioner range, Australian goat milk has powerful properties that soothe and nourish your pup’s skin and coat. But that isn’t all it can do.

Goat milk is easy for your puppy to digest and can boost their health in many ways. It works as a gentle digestive aid and can also be used in treating chronic conditions like liver and kidney disease, diarrhea and diabetes.

Goat milk is packed with probiotics, vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids and electrolytes. As a key ingredient in our Puppy Probiotic supplement, it has all of the nutrients your dog needs to boost their gut health and support growth.

Pre-Pro Biotic

Product Review: Puppy Probiotic

Slippery elm

Slippery elm is a natural herb that supports your puppy’s digestion. It works across the digestive system to help eliminate waste, reduce inflammation in the gut, solidify stool to prevent diarrhoea and get your puppy’s bowels moving again if they are struggling with constipation.

Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, slippery elm works gently to relieve inflammation in the intestines.


Has anyone ever told you to drink ginger tea or ginger beer when you had an upset stomach? There’s a good reason for that – ginger, another natural anti-inflammatory, helps to settle the stomach, reduce nausea and improve digestion. If your puppy is experiencing bloating, excessive gas or nausea and vomiting, ginger can help to relieve their symptoms.

Natural salmon meal

Flavour is everything for dogs, and your puppy is no different. Combined with natural salmon meal for delicious and nutritional flavour, our Puppy Probiotic makes a tasty addition to your furry friend’s everyday wet or dry food.


Antioxidants have the powerful ability to remove free radicals (potentially harmful toxins that can be found in food, medicine, water and even the air) from the body. Sourced naturally from a variety of plant-based foods – and in the case of our Puppy Probiotic, from green tea – antioxidants will help to give your puppy a healthy and nutritional start to life.

Recommended daily dose

Product Review: Puppy Probiotic

Prioritise your puppy’s gut health

With a unique and natural blend of advanced prebiotics and probiotics, our Puppy Probiotic will aid your young pup’s digestion and improve their gut and overall health. We recommend giving it to your puppy daily for a nutritional and probiotic-rich boost.

Power your puppy’s digestion with our Puppy Probiotic

Product Review: Puppy Probiotic

Puppy Probiotic


Our unique and natural blend of advanced probiotics and prebiotics is professionally formulated for growing puppies.  Australian goat milk, slippery elm, ginger and antioxidants help promote beneficial gut bacteria, support their immune system and growth.  Flavoured with natural salmon meal that your puppy will enjoy. Puppy Probiotic is recommended daily to ensure your puppy has the best start in life.

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