CBD & Hemp Oil Products for Dogs

CBD & Hemp Oil Products for Dogs

Both CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil and Hemp Oil (also known as Hemp Seed Oil) are popular, natural choices used to treat a wide variety of health and wellbeing concerns with dogs.

Most often these include:

  • Help to manage anxiety and increase your dog’s wellbeing
  • May help to reduce pain
  • As an anti-inflammatory (conditions like arthritis and general joint/muscle pain and skin allergies)

Both oils share some similarities, in that they are both derived from the hemp plant. CBD oil is taken from the stalks, leaves and buds of the hemp plant – whereas hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the plant!

Unlike the stalks, leaves and buds which contain high levels of CBD, the seeds contain very low levels of CBD and are rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

This is where CBD oil and hemp seed oil start to differ more – hemp seed oil has additional capabilities thanks to the range of plentiful nutrients the seeds contain. 

Hemp seed oil can even be blended with other ingredients to offer a premium natural help supplement to help elevate your dog’s health. 

Houndztooth have a range of products containing hemp seed to maintain your dog’s health, wellbeing and help to manage a range of conditions.

  1. Houndztooth Hemp Mobility Aid 

CBD & Hemp Oil Products for Dogs

This natural Australian made formulation contains carefully researched ingredients specifically selected for their proven benefits to your dog’s health. 

These include pure Australian hemp seed oil, hemp powder, NZ green lip mussel, bovine collagen, green lipped mussel, vitamin C, magnesium, turmeric and more.

Recommended as a daily supplement with a natural salmon flavour that may help reduce joint inflammation and improve mobility in dogs, supporting their optimal vitality and wellbeing.

All those powerful ingredients work together to also help to:

  • New Zealand green lip mussel contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to support your dog’s joints and manage inflammation.
  • Bovine collagen helps regenerate joints and rebuild damaged tissue to ease the aches and pains that come with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
  • Hemp seed oil & powder are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, the omegas 3, 6 and 9 are vital for optimal health, improving skin and coat, gut health and wellbeing, reduces inflammation and mild anxiety.
  • Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Spirulina is rich in essential fatty acids – like omega 6’s GLA (gamma linolenic acid) containing natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin C eliminates free radicals and helps remove the potential triggers for inflammation.
  • Magnesium helps manage your dog’s health and wellbeing; from heart, liver and digestive function to muscle health and moods. 

Hemp Mobility Aid is available to view and purchase here.

  1. Houndztooth Hemp Seed Oil 

CBD & Hemp Oil Products for Dogs

Our hemp seed oil is sustainably and locally sourced. Human grade and 100% cold-pressed, ensuring our oil is sourced without heat or chemicals maintaining valuable nutrition for your dog.

Hemp seed oil is high in antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9 which help optimise your dog’s health and wellbeing, including their skin and coat. A balance of these fats work harmoniously in your dog’s body and are vital for your dog’s wellbeing.

Additional other benefits to your dog may include improved gut health and reduced inflammation, which is essential in the case of dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain. 

We recommend supplementing your dog’s diet daily with our hemp seed oil for optimal results.  Dogs love the taste and it is easily mixed with their wet or dry food according to our dosage recommendations. Our hemp seed oil can also be applied directly to their coat or paws to relieve dryness and reduce irritation.

Our Australian-made, sustainably-sourced Hemp Seed Oil is available online here.

  1. Houndztooth Hemp Anxiety Aid 

CBD & Hemp Oil Products for Dogs

Like us, dogs can feel stressed or anxious for a variety of different reasons, such as loud noises (construction, cars and fireworks are common offenders), travelling and separation anxiety. 

This special blend is designed to help ease their anxiety, stress or tension so they can feel safe, calm and relaxed which is important to their health and wellbeing.

Houndztooth Hemp Anxiety Aid contains a natural blend of:

  • Pure Australian hemp seed oil and hemp seed powder; as mentioned earlier, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, the omegas 3, 6 and 9 are vital for optimal health, improving skin and coat, gut health and wellbeing, reduces inflammation and mild anxiety.
  • Vitamins A & B which play a vital role in maintaining wellbeing and regulating your dog’s mood (as well as supporting healthy skin and coats).
  • L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps improve serotonin to help calm and relax.
  • Magnesium, a great health all-rounder to support the function of muscles, heart, liver and digestion.
  • Green tea, a powerful natural antioxidant that may help remove free radicals from the body.
  • We’ve also added ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory to support sensitive stomachs during times of stress. 

Our Hemp Anxiety Aid is gentle enough to use every day, but you can also choose to keep it for specific stressful situations. Refer to the recommended dosage according to  your dog’s body weight and it is easily mixed with their food. Available to view and purchase here.

A final note: 

Please remember, when adding a new supplement to your dog’s diet we recommend consulting with their vet prior to use, especially if your dog is on existing medication.

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