5 Benefits Of Goat Milk Shampoo For Dogs

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Did you know that goat milk has been used for centuries as a natural skin care product? If it’s good enough for humans, we say it’s good enough for dogs too! Here’s why:

1. Reduces eczema inflammation

Goat milk is one of nature’s natural inflammation-fighting ingredients. It works to not only help reduce inflammation on the skin that is prone to eczema, but also to prevent future breakouts.

2. Soothing

As many people will know, there are two kinds of skin treatments: those that work wonders while also soothing sore skin, and those that work wonders but can be quite painful to apply. When it comes to your dog, it’s not fair to apply a treatment that is going to cause short-term pain as they simply won’t understand that it’s for the greater good. That’s why our new Hemp Shampoo along with our Hugo’s Blend No.1, Stella’s Blend No.2 and Charlie’s Blend No.3 goat milk shampoos are specially formulated to treat and soothe itchy, raw or inflamed skin.

3. Moisturising and nourishing

Did we already mention that goat milk has been used for centuries to moisturise and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed? Goat milk shampoo for dogs is no different.

4. Natural ingredient

Goat milk shampoo for dogs, like Hugo’s Blend No.1, Stella’s Blend No.2 and Charlie’s Blend No.3, are made from natural ingredients. This makes them gentle on your dog’s skin (particularly that beautiful, soft puppy skin!) and means you don’t need to apply harsh chemicals to keep your dog healthy, clean and happy.

5. Gentle on groomer hands

Just as your pup doesn’t want to be covered in harsh ingredients, you don’t really want to touch them either. Our goat milk shampoos have been designed with groomers in mind so even someone who spends all day, every day up to their elbows in dog shampoo won’t have their skin irritated by our shampoos.

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