The Secret Behind Our Luxe Marble Dog Bowls

There’s a reason why our luxurious Italian Carrara Marble Dog Bowls are the perfect addition to every dog’s house.  The secret? Our beautiful bowls are as stylish as they are sturdy. 

Designed in Australia and sourced from Italy, each piece of marble is individually selected to ensure quality control and add an element of sophistication to your dog’s bowl.

Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowl: luxe, practical and durable

When choosing the perfect water or food bowl for your dog, there are three boxes you should tick:

1)     Does it keep your dog’s water fresh, even on hot days?

2)     Is it made from sustainable materials that will last?

3)     Does it add to your home’s style, rather than detract from it?

Houndztooth’s luxury Marble Dog Bowl is one of the only bowls on the market that fit all three of these criteria.

Keeps water cool on hot days

Because we know there is nothing worse than worrying if your pooch is drinking enough water on warm days, our Marble Dog Bowls are made from Italian Carrara marble which naturally keeps water cool. The heavyweight of the bowl also gives it a sturdiness that will stop even the most determined of dogs from knocking or tipping it over – or slopping water on your clean floor!

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Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowls

Sustainable and durable

Not only are our Marble Dog Bowls designed locally in Australia, but the exceptional durability of our Italian Carrara marble also means they can be used for both water and food – inside or out – and won’t need to be replaced, even after years of use. Marble is also a highly-recyclable and reusable material that can have a second (or third) life across a variety of products and industries.

Aesthetically beautiful with multiple uses

We know that it’s hard to imagine people admiring your dog bowl, but our customers often tell us that it’s one of the first things in their homes that guests compliment. The Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowl is made from a striking white marble with delicate grey veins that sits heavy and oozes elegance. It can also be used as an accessory – such as a fruit bowl or plant pot – to add a touch of luxury to any room.

Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowls are available in small, medium and large sizes.

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