4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained

If you haven’t recognised the signs that your dog is bored, your house or garden definitely have. Whether it’s digging, chewing, barking or general nuisance, a dog without enough physical and mental stimulation can be very destructive.

We spoke to veterinarian, Dr Katrina Warren to get some expert advice on how to keep your dog from getting bored at home.

Pet accessories to exercise 

Come on, you’ve seen your dog’s face when you say the ‘w’ word. This is absolute peak fun for any pooch. If you’re heading out for several hours, Dr Katrina recommends going out for walkies beforehand to help your best friend relax while you’re out.

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To maximise safety and comfort (not to mention trendiness) it’s important to make sure the collar fits correctly. Check at our guide to fitting your dog’s collar

Treasure hunts

Dogs have an incredibly strong sense of smell thanks to their 220 million olfactory receptors (we inferior humans only have five million). So while humans are forced to rely on our eyesight for a treasure hunt, dogs find it fun putting their keen sense of smell to work. Dr Katrina recommends hiding some tasty (but healthy) treats around the house and garden. Check out our treats in our natural pet store.

Puzzle toys

You know how you feel as though you’ve ‘earned’ a big breakfast after going to the gym or exercising? It’s the same for your dog. Letting them do something to ‘earn’ their food is a really positive experience for dogs. Simple things like cutting some kibble-sized holes in an old drink bottle and filling it with dry food at dinner time so they have to push the bottle around to release the food are really easy ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated.

Training with natural dog treats

Dr Katrina says mental exercise can be as important as physical exercise for dogs, but it’s a great way to build up trust between you and your pup – as long as the reward is worth it! Once you’ve mastered the important basics like sit, stay and drop, why not have some fun with high five, play dead and rollover? Check out our full range of pet products in the natural pet store, including our new range of delicious ‘Clean Feeding’ treats that will make training time twice as fun and delicious!

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