Houndztooth Is Proudly Australian Made and Family Owned

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What does it mean to be Australian Made and Owned?

When a product is made in Australia, and the business that makes it is Australian owned, it is officially classified as being Australian Made and Owned.

While outsourcing ingredients, manufacturing and production to other countries is often cheaper and less time consuming, staying homegrown enables our business to support our local economy, provide local jobs and sell local goods to local consumers.

The renowned Australian Made, Australian Grown logo

The Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo has a handful of different iterations depending on the specific criteria that a company meets.

These iterations include being Australian Made, Australian Grown, Australian Seafood, Australian (for export markets only), a Product of Australia and having Australian Food Labelling.

Because being wholly Australian is important to consumers, the final category that a business can fall under – and the AMAG logo which Houndztooth proudly displays on our packaging – is being Australian Made and Owned.

The AMAG logo comes in either green and gold or black and white, and our products feature the black and white version.

oatmeal shampoo for dogs, dog shampoo for itchy skin, natural dog shampoo, hemp oil for dogs australia,

How Houndztooth meets the Australian Made and Owned criteria

Houndztooth’s grooming, health, hemp and clean dog treats product range has been approved by Australian Made Campaign Limited (ACML), the not-for-profit, public organisation in charge of administering the AMAG logo for use.

Houndztooth meets the Australian Made & Owned criteria because our company – as well as our products – were born and bred right here in Australia.

Being able to run our business and make our products in our home country means the world to us, and we are grateful that our hard work and your support has allowed us to grow here.

Shopping Australian Made and Owned means shopping local

As an Australian resident, when you shop locally, you contribute to the growth of your neighbours and to the growth of Australia’s economy.

By purchasing products from locally owned businesses, you are directly putting money back into your community. This is because local businesses are likely to support and buy from other local businesses.

At Houndztooth, we are also very appreciative of our global customers who help to support our business and by association, the Australian economy.

Just like they sing in the Lion King, it’s all about the circle of life. Except in this case, we’re talking about the circle of the Australian economy.

Houndztooth is authentically Australian

ACML fondly refers to their logo as “the true mark of Aussie authenticity”, and we couldn’t agree more. We are proud to be Australian, proud to be authentic, and proud to bear the ACML logo on all of our Houndztooth products.

We are just one of many businesses who are Australian Made and Owned, and we are honoured to be part of such a true blue crew.

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