Dr. Katrina Warren’s Talks Tips for Itchy Skin

Dr. Katrina Warrens Talks Tips for Itchy Skin 1024x1024 1 Dr. Katrina Warren's Talks Tips for Itchy Skin

I am joined in this episode by our favourite celebrity media vet and Houndztooth Brand Ambassador, Dr. Katrina Warren. Itchy skin is one of the most common reasons that dogs are taken to the vet.  If your dog has itchy skin, they will be feeling pretty distressed and uncomfortable. As their owner, we understand how it can also be frustrating and upsetting for you! There are many reasons why your dog may have itchy skin, and the best way to identify the cause is by a simple process of elimination.

In this episode we identify the potential causes of itchy skin and what Houndztooth products we have specifically formulated to help “Ditch the Itch”.

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