CBD Oil for Dogs with Canine Osteoarthritis

Did you know that osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in dogs? It impacts around 1 in 5 dogs, with older dogs more likely to be diagnosed and suffer from this condition. Arthritis is characterised by joint inflammation that causes stiffness and loss of mobility. 

CBD Oil for Dogs with Canine Osteoarthritis

Some of the common signs your dog may have osteoarthritis are below:

  • Are they more reluctant to be active?
  • Is their movement slower/do they seem uncomfortable when moving?
  • Has your dog been repeatedly licking certain joint areas?

These can unfortunately make for a less social pup who may struggle to be as involved in activities they used to love, such as playtime and getting up and onto couches, beds or into cars. 

When the disease has progressed further, your dog experiences pain and a reduced lifestyle.  We know that’s hard to hear as it’s something no dog owner wants for their pet, but developing an early treatment plan can help ease discomfort for your pet.  Always consult your veterinarian to assess your dog at the first signs of pain or changes in mobility. 

There are successful natural options available for easing and treating symptoms:


CBD oil is a natural pain relief for dogs that have arthritic symptoms and, in some cases, may even reduce inflammation in your dog’s body. This treatment oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and usually diluted with another natural oil, such as coconut.

Some of the effects of CBD oil have been tested on dogs with osteoarthritis and researchers noted improvements to the dog’s quality of life and lower levels of pain/inflammation when higher doses of CBD were administered.

Bear in mind, CBD oil is only available in Australia with a prescription – which can make it difficult to source.


CBD Oil for Dogs with Canine Osteoarthritis

A more readily available alternative to CBD oil is hemp seed oil for dogs.

Hemp seed oil is an excellent source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which helps prevent inflammation and benefits conditions such as arthritis.  Hemp seed oil is also high in antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9 which help optimise your dog’s health and wellbeing, including their skin and coat. 

How does hemp seed oil work? Your dog has substances in their body called prostaglandins. These are like hormones and they circulate around your dog’s body, helping improve their skin and coat, control inflammation, regulate the body temperature and other vital functions.  The GLA that’s abundant in hemp seed is a building block for prostaglandins.  Hemp also contains various types of fatty acids, plus antioxidants and phospholipids.  Hemp seed oil will help balance your dog’s prostaglandins and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

We recommend adding hemp seed oil to your dog’s diet as a daily supplement.  Add 5ml (1 tsp) per 10kg of dog’s body weight daily. Easily mixed with wet or dry food and your dog will love the taste.  

The Houndztooth Hemp Seed Oil is a 100% cold-pressed and human grade, pure hemp seed oil that is all natural and made in Australian from sustainably sourced Australian hemp seed. It is available here.


Houndztooth Hemp Mobility Aid is a helpful supplement that can be used on its own, or in combination with the hemp seed oil above. 

CBD Oil for Dogs with Canine Osteoarthritis

This unique, natural blend has been professionally formulated to help manage inflammation in dogs, improve their mobility, and support optimal vitality and wellbeing. 

Associated benefits of the key ingredients are:

Pure Australian Hemp Seed Oil + Hemp Powder: are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and an excellent source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which helps prevent inflammation.

Bovine Collagen: promotes the regeneration of joint and damaged tissue. 

NZ Green lipped mussel: naturally contains omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting properties.

Vitamin C: eliminates free radicals which damage cells and removes potential triggers for inflammation.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Canine Osteoarthritis

Magnesium: a nutrient to boost health and wellbeing, important for many processes in your dog’s body such as muscle, heart, liver and digestive function (plus healthy hair and skin).

Turmeric: contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which is more easily absorbed through the addition of black pepper.

The daily dose depends on your dog’s body weight, and it’s easily mixed in with their wet or dry food. Best of all it has a natural salmon flavour that your dog will love! You can find it here.

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