What Is The Best Dog Shampoo For Dry Skin? 

Don’t worry, dry skin is a very, very common skin condition for dogs. Sometimes your pup is born with it, other times it’s because the shampoo you’re using disagrees with their skin. In either case you need to make sure you buy good quality products that don’t hurt their precious skin and coats.

There are a range of dog grooming products on the market for dry skin but like human shampoo, there are some that are simply better than others; and finding the best natural dog shampoo for dry skin can take a bit of investigating.

Our favourite dog shampoo for itchy skin that can help

The Houndztooth pet grooming range has been carefully crafted with all those itchy, dry-skinned pooches in mind, and so our dog grooming products have been specially formulated from natural products to moisturise but not irritate sensitive skin.

All Houndztooth shampoos use aloe vera and vitamin-enriched goat milk and a low-irritant blend of Australian Banksia and virgin coconut oil to restore moisture to dry skin while also nourishing that sensitive coat.

Plus, the delicious lemon myrtle and peppermint oil will leave your pooch smelling fresh and feeling like a million bucks.

So, with all our shampoos being low-irritant, moisturising and gentle on dry skin, which one should you use? Well that depends on what you’d like your pooch to smell like:

Hugo’s Blend No 1

With a lemon myrtle and peppermint blend Hugo’s Blend No 1 smells delicious but it also uses Australian banksia extract and virgin coconut oil to clean, condition, moisturise and nourish your dog’s skin.

Stella’s Blend No 2

With a Manuka honey and almond oil blend, Stella’s Blend No 2 harnesses the power of lavender rosemary and paperbark essential oils to clean, condition and balance sensitive skin.

Charlie’s Blend No 3

Charlie’s Blend No 3 uses a combination of green tea and Australian almond oil mixed with lemon myrtle, fir needle and lavender to provide a rich scent and powerfully nourish your dog’s skin and coat.

Coco’s Blend No 4 Rescue and Relief Spray

This special relief spray will not only sooth sore skin but leave it smelling like a dream thanks to the aloe vera, tea tree, lavender, cucumber, chamomile and calendula. Plus, the virgin coconut and Australian almond oils will help keep their skin moisturised and balanced.

Although our products are free from nasties, every single pooch is different and we recommend testing out our products on a small area of your dog’s skin before full use.