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Marble Dog Bowls
Marble Dog Bowls

Our Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowl is Australian-designed and made using White Carrara Marble with grey veins. Our timelessly beautiful bowls are finished with a water proofing sealant, and not only do they look sleek, but they will also help keep your best friend’s water cool.

The sturdy design will stop even the nosiest pups from pushing the bowl around and spilling water or food everywhere, minimising the mess in your home.

As marble is a natural stone, each of our bowls are manufactured with their own natural finish and colours making them as unique as your loved companion.

Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowls are available in three generous sizes, small and large enough to suit all breeds.

Small size 15.25cm diameter x 7.60cm high. Capacity 800ml of drinking water.

Weight 1.25 kg

Medium size 20.30cm diameter x 8.90cm high. Capacity 1.7 litres of drinking water.

Weight 1.85 kg

Large size 24.10cm diameter x 10.15cm high. Capacity 2.5 litres of drinking water.

Weight 3.1 kg

Note this product is classified as a heavy item and relevant shipping charges will apply.

Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowls
You no longer have to hide the dog’s bowls when guests come over because your pooch’s accessories can become a statement piece for your home. Check out five dog products that won’t ruin your interior style and yet fit perfectly in any stylish home. The über luxe Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowl is Australian-designed and made using White Carrera Marble with grey veins. Did we mention they look like they belong in a style magazine?